Uprooting Capitalism

Join me at Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society
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I’m really hoping to make it to this meetup. For years, I’ve envisioned a system in which users can select a variety of goods (e.g., ethically sourced coffee and a box of pencils), put those items into a shared, anonymous-but-verifiable shopping cart, and let merchants and manufacturers bid for the business via coupons.

To me, Blockchain holds great promise for giving consumers collective bargaining power.


How have I lived 58 years without knowing of the Thirukkural? 

The Tirukkural or Thirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள், literally Sacred Verses), or shortly the Kural, is a classic Tamil text consisting of 1,330 couplets or Kurals, dealing with the everyday virtues of an individual. Considered one of the greatest works ever written on ethics and morality, chiefly secular ethics, it is known for its universality and non-denominational nature.


A tusker who defies spearmen
is killed in a bog by jackals.

To be nasty when you can say nice words, is like
tasting an unripe fruit when you have a ripe one.